1. Overview
/wlog is offered to you for free by IWOP GmbH, Alberst-Einstein-Straße 1, 49076 Osnabrück. It is a software solution that helps Slack users to build a log of their working sessions, track their time and share their progress with colleagues. /wlog is not a standalone service and works as a Slack integration only.

2. Information We Collect

2.1 Information you provide using your Slack profile
When you install the /wlog app, we ask to get access to information about your profile, your workspace profile and your colleagues profiles as well as your public channels.

2.2 Information you provide using the service
Once you use the service form within Slack we save your working session (name, time and date) to our database.

2.3 Other Information
Currently we do not collect any other information and make no use of cookies or third party cookies.

3. Usage of your Information
Your information is used to provide the core service of our app, that is to create a log of your working sessions. If you contact us with support inquiries we may also use that information to provide you support and improve our services. We do NOT bill you, transfer information to third parties besides Slack or send newsletters, updates or alerts.

4. Correcting, Updating and Deleting Information
All of your information is managed through the Slack integration. There you have options to view, edit or delete your recent worksessions. To delete all information about you or your team you first need to remove the integration and then email us to mail@wlogit.com to permanently delete your account and all associated data.

5. Updates
We might update this privacy policy in the future so please check it frequently.

6. Support
If you have any concerns regarding privacy please email us to mail@wlogit.com.